Dr. Sacks’s podcast, “Motherhood Sessions,” is consistently riveting, and I think it tells us something about media as well as about motherhood. Its focus is the mother’s experience.
The rise of therapy-oriented podcasts comes as some consumers are growing skeptical about manufactured tension on reality TV and branded authenticity pitched by influencers on Instagram.
I love the heartbreaking specificity of each conversation and the ways these brave women’s stories reflect the lonely contradictions, crippling joys, and impossible pressures mothers experience.

“The new essential book for soon to be parents” Vogue magazine

"Matrescence: The Birth of a Mother"

The birth of a mother involves similar hormonal and identity transitions to adolescence, and yet this natural process is often silenced by shame or misdiagnosed as postpartum depression.

Perhaps instead we should be giving it a name: matrescence.