What No One Tells You

A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

Coming Soon. Spring 2019, Simon and Schuster

Becoming a mother is a dramatic identity shift called “matrescence,” a time of hormonal shifting, body morphing and identity transition that’s as transformative as adolescence.

During this transition, many women find themselves feeling lost somewhere between who they were before motherhood, and the picture-perfect but unrealistic image of who they think they should be now. Too many women are ashamed to speak openly about the ups and downs of their experiences for fear of being judged.

As Reproductive Psychiatrists, we specialize in helping women navigate their emotions before, during, and after pregnancy. Our phones are ringing off the hook, but the majority of the women who call us don’t really need us. What they need is the truth about how their moods, hormones, and identities change during matrescence, together with some practical ways of helping themselves. After years of repeating that very information to thousands of women and hearing them say “How Come No One Told Me?” we decided to write this book, an emotional guide from the first trimester of pregnancy, through the first year of motherhood.